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Welcome to the Helensburgh Heritage Trust GalleryWithin this gallery are all the images. If you click the link above you will find the albums containing the images

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Anderson Trust 2020


Musicians and Artists at Work was the subject of the 2020 exhibition. It encompassed two interests very close to the heart of its donor, Nance Anderson: music and art. Many of the pictures on display were in the original bequest, and the exhibition also included a number of significant works on loan from private collectors, which the Trustees gratefully acknowledge. These images are all copyright the Anderson (Local Collection) Trust.

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The Arts


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Works of art


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John Logie Baird


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Henry Bell and the Comet


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Prime Minister Andrew Bonar Law


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Royal Visits


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Places — Burgh


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Places — District


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Screen and stage stars


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Transport — General


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Transport — Railways


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Transport — Steamers


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Old Postcards


These images are copies of old postcards and some are watermarked. Please respect this website by not copying the images.

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Random files
Provost's chain688 viewsThe medallion which hangs at the foot of the Helensburgh Provost's chain of office. It states Burgh of Helensburgh 1802, the year the town became a Burgh of Barony. Photo by Stewart Noble.
Kidston Park779 viewsA lady sits on a bench in the evening sunlight in this old image of Kidston Park, Helensburgh. Bought from the Duke of Argyll in 1877 for £650 by William Kidston with help from Sir James Colquhoun and others, it was formerly Cairndhu Point — known locally as Neddy's Point after a well known fisherman and ferryman who lived nearby — but was renamed Kidston Park from 1889 when Mr Kidston left money to support its maintenance and requested the name change.
Coaches at the pier1427 viewsThree coaches wait at Helensburgh pierhead for the arrival of the next steamer. Date unknown.
Strone Farm433 viewsA 1905 image of Strone Farm in Glen Fruin.
Day of the Sale1152 viewsThis was taken outside the Helensburgh Advertiser's East King Street premises in 1985 on the day the weekly newspaper was sold to Express Newspapers. It shows (from left) Helensburgh man Ronnie Fowler of Express Newspapers, an Express executive, founder Craig Jeffrey, Sir David McNee, Advertiser chief cashier Mrs Freda Aram from Garelochhead, another Express executive, co-owner Ronnie Jeffrey, and managing editor Donald Fullarton.
Special Constabulary1148 viewsHelensburgh's Special Constables 1942. Back row: Jimmy Michie, unknown, unknown, Tommy Dunlop janitor at Hermitage, Mr MacFarlane, Harry Taylor who had the chemists shop in West Clyde Street now Ladbrokes, George Loban stalwart of St Columba Church. Middle: unknown, unknown, Sam Colville, unknown, Cyril Douglas. Front: Elky Clark school attendance officer, unknown, Robin Spy coal merchant, unknown, Bill Bowman woodwork teacher at Hermitage, Lindsay Keir, Arthur McCulloch. Photo supplied by Iain McCulloch.
Garelochhead Bay816 viewsLooking west from Garelochhead across the loch to Dalandhui, with a large yacht moored offshore. Image circa 1905.
David Clyde with Jean Harlow1972 viewsDavid Clyde, the oldest of three siblings from a Helensburgh family who all became well known actors, is on the right in this scene from the 1936 film Suzy, a First World War romance in which he appeared with Jean Harlow, Franchot Tone and Cary Grant. American showgirl Suzy is in London in 1914 and loves Irish inventor Terry (Tone) who works for an engineering firm owned by a German woman. After their marriage Terry is murdered and Suzy flees to Paris where she meets pilot Andre (Grant) as war is breaking out.

Last additions
!885 Clyde map0 viewsAn antique sketch map of the Clyde engraved by C.Perron.Oct 15, 2021
Ferguson election flyer38 viewsWilliam A.Ferguson issued this flyer in his campaign for re-election for ward one on Helensburgh Town Council in 1937. He was successful, and went on to serve as Provost from 1944-5. Image supplied by Malcolm LeMay.Oct 04, 2021
Somerville election flyer45 viewsJohn Somerville issued this flyer in his campaign for re-election for ward two on Helensburgh Town Council in 1938. He was successful, and went on to serve as Provost from 1941-44, and again in 1945. Image supplied by Malcolm LeMay.Oct 04, 2021
Gareloch view83 viewsA 1909 image of the Gareloch from Highlandman's Road above Rhu.Sep 25, 2021
Historic photo25 viewsAn albumen photo of Garelochhead village, c.1890, taken by George Washington Wilson (February 7 1823-March 9 1893), a pioneering Scottish photographer. In 1849, he began a career as a portrait miniaturist, switching to portrait photography in 1852. He received a contract to photograph the Royal Family, working for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Later he switched to landscape photography. An albumen print was made by coating thin paper with a layer of egg-white containing salt and sensitised with a silver nitrate solution, then printed using daylight under a negative. The resulting paper had a smooth surface with a fine sheen.Sep 25, 2021
Paddling pool fun12 viewsThe Helensburgh seafront paddling pool at the foot of John Street, which was later demolished. Image c.1947.Sep 25, 2021
Bonar Law the singer92 viewsA postcard size programme for a Members Concert in the House of Commons, with Andrew Bonar Law singing "Anchored". Other performers included Lloyd George, Asquith, Winston Churchill and Keir Hardie.Sep 25, 2021
Tamnavoulin Hotel!80 viewsAn embellished 1905 image of Tamnavoulin in Glen Fruin. The name of the small cottage derives from the Gaelic for ‘hill of the mill’. The vicinity of the cottage is thought to have been the site of a dwelling as far back as the 15th century, while one account gives the date of the present building as early 19th century.Sep 06, 2021